Charging made easy

It is possible to configure the charger with type 1 or type 2 cables or even with type 2 sockets. The station can be equipped with up to 2 AC-outputs (2 x 22 kW). The visualization of the operation states is based either on a small LED-Display or with different LED-lights. For easy control, the stations are delivered with push-buttons.

charger, charging system, electric, normal charger, DC charger
charger, charging system, electric, normal charger, DC charger

Intelligent connections

All AC-chargers are also connected to our supervision Backend System with OCPP 1.6 and to the Dynamic Load Management System in the power cabinet with modbus TCP / IP. The stations have various networking connections and interfaces including GSM- / CDMA-Modem, WLAN / Wifi, USB or Ethernet. The user is identified with the integrated RFID system.

Dynamic load management

Installing a couple of charging points does not typically have a huge impact on the electrical grid of airports. However, larger installations often require a smart charging system. At this point, our load management steps in. With dynamic load management, we guarantee best performance yield for all charging stations.

customer solutions, telematic system, gps system, tracking system, industrie 4.0


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